COVID-19 Store Policies

We are excited to finally welcome you back into our stores! Both our Richmond Center and Kerrisdale location is now open.

While we are eager to serve our valuable customers, we must still be cautious and take extra steps to ensure that you and our staff are safe. Below are our the new policies in place at our Richmond Center locations effective immediately. 

  1. We ask that all customers please maintain a physical distance of 2m from other customers in the store. To assist in this we have placed floor decals around our main area.
    physical distancing 2m
  2. There can only be a maximum of 2 customers in the store at any time. Due to our limited space, if there are more than 2 customers alongside our 2 staff can be difficult to maintain the required physical distance between everyone. If there is already 2 customers in the store please just wait by the door and we will help you as soon as we can!Max 2 customers at a time
  3. To help with the above, we ask that any families or groups shopping together please wait outside the store while ONE person from their group comes in. 1 per family or group

We thank you in advance for following our policies, we look forward to serving you once more in a safe and comfortable manner!

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