Cardprotector 10 Year Anniversary Edition




Secrid Cardprotector 10 Year Anniversary Edition

Our Secrid Wallets are available online or at our Richmond location only.

Big bulky wallets are out; slim Secrid wallets are in! The classic Cardprotector can hold up to 6 flat cards (such as ID, debit cards, gift cards etc) or 4 embossed cards (credit cards). Thanks to its aluminum construction, any cards inside are fully protected from unwanted RFID scanning, bending, even breaking! With just a flick of your finger, your cards pop out of the holder and fan out making it easy pick out the one you want.

This limited edition version of the Cardprotector is to commemorate Secrid's 10 year anniversary! Based off of the classic brushed silver colour, it features a new diamond shaped grip pattern on the bottom as well as a special engraving on the side.

63 x 102 x 8 mm
48 grams
CAPACITY 4 - 6 cards
WARRANTY Secrid 3 Year Warranty

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