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FPM Bank Spinner - Moonlight Silver


Fabbrica Pelletterie MIlano. 


"...What?" you might be saying to yourself. Don't worry, you're not alone! Learn more about this up and coming Italian brand below.


Although they now make some of the strongest luggage on the market, this Italian company first began in 1946 as a humble leather goods brand in Milan. Today, the same traditional workmanship and premium materials are combined with the latest innovations in technology and design.


Early in 2019, we began to offer FPM in our Richmond Centre store, making us one of the first in Canada to do so. As more and more of our customers fall in love with these pieces in our store, slowly but surely their fan-base and popularity has grown. There’s a reason “Made in Italy” gets a reaction like no other!


For our very first blog post, the spotlight will be on the Bank collection; designed by Marc Sadler, it is the flagship of FPM’s lineup as well as their best-seller. Available in 3 colours and 9 sizes/styles, there is sure to be one to suit any tastes or needs. Building on the industry standard of black and silver aluminum cases, FPM felt the need to add a third, more exciting option as well.


Introducing the Steel Grey colourway. Cognac leather handles are paired with a grey case in a finish that can only be described as a matte that sparkles. Sounds impossible, right? This colour is one that truly needs to be seen to be believed.

FPM Luggage Bank Steel Grey


Perhaps the most conventional of the three colours is the Moonlight Silver colourway. This colour features a familiar matte silver case with a matching frame and rivets. What differentiates this from other silver cases then, is the same cognac leather handles present in the Steel Grey colourway.


FPM Luggage Bank moonlight silver


Last but not least, the Caviar Black colourway is FPM’s take on the classic black suitcase. While aluminum suitcases are usually all-black, this colourway contrasts a black case with a silver frame and rivets. This way, you can have your suitcase without worrying about losing it in the sea of black.


FPM suitcase vanity case Forero's Bags and Luggage


For those who like to customize their luggage a little bit more, FPM offers a selection of handles in a variety of colours that can be switched out with the one’s on the case. If you’re feeling fancy, the exotic alligator texture handle is the perfect choice.  


On the inside of each case, leather straps help keep everything in place, and match perfectly with the handles on the outside. If anything ever spills inside the suitcase (it happens!), the lining is fully removable. Each carry-on also comes with a built-in packing cube to aid with organization, and to make packing and unpacking a breeze.

FPM Luggage Vancouver Richmond


As mentioned before, the Bank collection offers 9 sizes ranging from a 10” beauty case to a 33.5” check-in suitcase. When it comes to cabin sizes, you can choose from the Spinner 53 or the slightly larger Spinner 55. The same applies to medium check-ins and large check-ins, with two size options for each. We also can’t forget the increasingly popular trunk suitcases, which come in the 30” Trunk and the 32” Trunk L. Although we don’t carry the Spinner 61 or the Spinner 84 in Forero’s stores, we would be more than happy to special order one for you!

FPM suitcase sizes

The Bank collection is just one part of all that FPM has to offer. Aside from all-aluminum suitcases, they also offer a collection of polycarbonate/aluminum hybrids for those wanting something a bit lighter. Make sure to stop by our Richmond store to see FPM for yourself, and feel free to ask us any questions you may have!


Shop our FPM Bank Collection HERE 


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