FPM Milano

Established in 1946, FPM (short for Fabrica Pelletterie Milano) is an Italian leather goods brand. Their cases are pieces of art expressing Italian talent, aesthetics, and expertise. Each case is made using premium materials, aluminum and leather, to name a couple, with traditional hand-made workmanship. Designed by Marc Sadler, each collection has a different personality while still sharing the amazing attention to detail and design.

Our collection of FPM suitcases is available online or at our Richmond location. Special orders are possible if sold out on our website; just contact us!

FPM Bank Spinner 76
FPM Bank Zip Trunk M
FPM Bank Spinner 55M
FPM Bank Zip Spinner 55
FPM Bank Light Spinner 55
FPM Bank S Trunk
FPM Bank Light Spinner 53 Front Pocket
FPM Bank Zip Trunk S
FPM Bank Zip Spinner 53 Front Pocket
FPM Bank on the Road Nylon Crossbody
FPM Bank on the Road Leather Small Backpack
FPM Bank S Spinner 55M
FPM Bank Light Spinner 76
FPM Bank Light Spinner 53
FPM Bank S Vanity Case
FPM Bank S Trunk L
FPM Bank S Spinner 76
FPM Bank S Spinner 68
FPM Bank S Spinner 53
FPM Bank Special Edition - Pilates Station
FPM Bank Special Edition - Bedstation
FPM Bank Special Edition - Cookstation
FPM Bank Special Edition - Workstation
FPM Bank Vanity Case
FPM Bank Trunk
FPM Bank Spinner 68

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