100% handcrafted in Italy using aerospace materials such as carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum

Carbon fiber is a latest generation multi-axial fabric, which boasts the best stiffness and strength properties with respect to low density, minimum thickness and lightness. The use of titanium, on the other hand, allows their cases to be as strong as steel yet at a fraction of the weight

Their bags also feature Alcantara accents for a luxurious feel and look

TecknoMonster bags and cases can be fully customized and made to order, interested in a bespoke carbon case for your travels? Contact us with your ideas and we'll make it happen!

Shop our selection of TecknoMonster online or at our Richmond store only!
TecknoMonster Zingo Waist Bag
TecknoMonster Robnik Sling Bag
TecknoMonster Akille Flap Carry-On
TecknoMonster Pamana Cabin
TecknoMonster Lamborghini Zangolo Backpack
TecknoMonster Bolina Leather Duffle Bag
TecknoMonster Davis Executive Check-In
TecknoMonster Davis Cabina Flap
TecknoMonster Antropika Duffle L
TecknoMonster Trekno Sling Bag
TecknoMonster Kinkal Sling Bag
TecknoMonster Kronos Titanium Carry-On
TecknoMonster Davis Cabina
TecknoMonster Akille Carry-On
TecknoMonster Pegasus Briefcase
TecknoMonster Dropper Mini Backpack
TecknoMonster Dropper Backpack
TecknoMonster Dragon Backpack
TecknoMonster Drake Backpack
TecknoMonster Avia Slim Briefcase
TecknoMonster Antropika Duffle M
TecknoMonster Zuppy Waist Bag
TecknoMonster Zingolo Waist Bag
TecknoMonster Zangolo Backpack
TecknoMonster Surcloud Briefcase
TecknoMonster Stinna Briefcase
TecknoMonster Shonny Briefcase
TecknoMonster Klimber Backpack

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