Carbon Fiber Bags, Titanium and Aluminum Trolleys

100% Handcrafted in Italy with Aerospace Materials

TecknoMonster products are made of Carbon Fiber, the same material used in the aeronautical and aerospace sectors for aircraft construction

Carbon Fiber is a latest generation multi-axial fabric, which boasts the best stiffness and strength properties with respect to low density, minimum thickness and lightness

Their bags also feature Alcantara accents for a luxurious feel and look
TecknoMonster Robnik Sling
TecknoMonster Trikaio Sling
TecknoMonster Trekno Sling
TecknoMonster Kinkal Sling
TecknoMonster Kronos M Carry-On
TecknoMonster Davis Cabina
TecknoMonster Akille Carry-On
TecknoMonster Pegasus Briefcase
TecknoMonster Dropper Mini Backpack
TecknoMonster Dropper Backpack
TecknoMonster Dragon Backpack
TecknoMonster Drake Backpack
TecknoMonster Avia Slim Briefcase
TecknoMonster Antropika Duffle
From $1,450.00 - $1,500.00
TecknoMonster Zuppy Waist Bag
TecknoMonster Zingolo Waist Bag
TecknoMonster Zingo Waist Bag
TecknoMonster Zangolo Backpack
TecknoMonster Surcloud Briefcase
TecknoMonster Stinna Briefcase
TecknoMonster Shonny Briefcase
TecknoMonster Klimber Backpack