FPM Milano - Bank Zip

If you love the distinctive design of the FPM Bank collections but are not a fan of heavy aluminum then this is the collection for you. Introducing Bank Zip: the lightest  FPM cases to date! The classic leather handles and aluminum corner caps were carried over, as well as the Makrolon polycarbonate shells. But say goodbye to the heavy aluminum frame. This is in no a way downgrade, however, as a lightweight water-resistant zipper now gets the job done. Although Italian in design, this polycarbonate collection is made in China.

Our collection of FPM suitcases is available online or at our Richmond location. Special orders are possible if sold out on our website; just contact us!

FPM Bank Zip Trunk M
FPM Bank Zip Spinner 55
FPM Bank Zip Spinner 53 Front Pocket
FPM Bank Zip Trunk S

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