Osgoode Marley

Osgoode Marley was founded on the belief that fine leather goods should have the best quality and integrity behind them. Their commitment to their craft is conveyed through the design and production of their products. Dedicated to creating superb pieces that add quality to your life, are as innovative as they are classic and have the form and function to stand the test of time, Osgoode Marley has been a long-time favourite at Forero's.

Shop Osgoode Marley leather wallets online or at both Vancouver and Richmond locations.

Osgoode Marley RFID Card Case Leather Wallet
Osgoode Marley RFID Women's Leather Card Case Wallet
Osgoode Marley RFID 5" Women's Leather Flap Wallet
Osgoode Marley RFID Ultra Mini Women's Leather Wallet
Osgoode Marley RFID Zip Around Women's Leather Wallet
Osgoode Marley RFID ID Bifold Leather Wallet

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