Solid State - Men's Fragrances

Sold State brings us extremely compact fragrances and mens toiletries from Australia. Their colognes and parfums easily fit in your briefcase, backpack, even your pocket, for whenever you might need it. 

Use your manly hands

These wax based products are all meant to be applied by hand, as easy as it gets. They leaver nothing behind, no greasy residue, no oily skin, besides their strong fragrance. 


These products don’t rely on water or alcohol as cheap fillers, which means they’re better for the environment and longer lasting than traditional grooming products, too. But will they melt? NO. Melting point of these solid fragrances is over 50 degrees Celsius!

Our Solid State fragrances are available online or from our Vancouver location only.

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Solid State Solid Parfum - Haze
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