Miniwallet Art - Night Watch


MAr-Night Watch


Secrid Miniwallet Art - The Night Watch

Our Secrid Wallets are available online or at our Richmond location only.

This special edition collection of wallets is inspired by Dutch masterpieces from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. In his largest and most famous painting, Rembrandt masterfully uses chiaroscuro, the contrast between light and dark, to focus on particular details. The nickname Night Watch originates in the 18th century, when the painting was thought to represent a nocturnal scene. The dark tones and light details of the Night Watch make this wallet subtle and spectacular at the same time.

The Miniwallet Art collection features supple Italian calf leather with the art works printed directly onto the leather in exquisite detail. Even the smallest details such as cracks in the paint are reflected. Inside the wallet an engraving names the painting and where it can be found.

  • Cardprotector holds 6 flat cards (ID, debit, gift cards etc) or 4 embossed cards (credit)
  • Leather wallet fits 4 extra cards, cash, business cards and receipts
  • Aluminum construction is RFID safe and protects cards from bending and breaking
  • Cards are easily accessible with the flick of a finger 
65 x 102 x 21 mm
72 grams
MATERIAL Aluminum Cardprotector, Italian Cowhide
WARRANTY Secrid 3 Year Warranty

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