Miniwallet Yard Powder- Sky Blue (Non-Leather)


MYp-Sky Blue


Secrid Miniwallet Yard Powder- Sky Blue

Our Secrid Wallets are available online or at our Richmond location only.

A special technical non-leather wallet. This unique material is produced in Germany, meeting the highest environmental standards, and gives the Secrid Yard Miniwallet a brightly coloured exterior with a micro texture. The bright exterior is complimented with a Cardprotector Powder on the inside; one of the many ways that Secrid  is reducing their waste. If any of their Cardprotectors produced have any cosmetic defects or scratches they powder coat them to up-cycle them instead of discarding them as defective.

  • Cardprotector holds 6 flat cards (ID, debit, gift cards etc) or 4 embossed cards (credit)
  • Fits 4 extra cards, cash, business cards and receipts
  • Aluminum construction is RFID safe and protects cards from bending and breaking
  • Cards are easily accessible with the flick of a finger 
65 x 102 x 21 mm
72 grams
MATERIAL Aluminum Cardprotector, Technical Microfiber Material
WARRANTY Secrid 3 Year Warranty

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